"Tough, reliable pick-up and work truck accessories and equipment."
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Pickup & Work Truck Accessories and Equipment

Pick-up and work truck accessories and equipment that are tough and reliable are what we make.   We take pride in the manufacture of our products at Grablock:

HitchHoist, T-Track and Slider
Pickup & Work Truck Accessories & Equipment

Portable Truck Crane        Adjustable Tie Down System       Toolbox Slider Kit

Pickup and work truck accessories and equipment are what we do and our products are the HitchHoist Portable Truck Crane, T-Track Adjustable Tiedown System and T-Track Universal Toolbox Slider System.

Our Portable Truck Crane and Adjustable Tiedown System are innovative and effective tools to help you safely lift heavy cargo onto the back of your pick-up or work truck and then safely secure them for transport, reducing the risks of personal injury to yourself and others.

Looking for pickup and work truck accessories with good looks and functionality?  Turn to the T-Track Adjustable Tiedown System, made of hight strength extruded aluminum and with adjustable tie down points.

When you need to lift heavy items, turn to the HitchHoist Portable Truck Crane, because of it's strength in design - made with steel, not aluminum like some other cranes out there that claim to be portable, but really are not because they have to be affixed to the truck. 

In addition, our newest product, the T-Track Universal Toolbox Slider Kit, enables converting any crossover* toolbox into a sliding toolbox for easy access to its contents at the tailgate of your truck!

Our products are generic in nature, in that, they will work with just about all types of pick up and work trucks, such as, Ford F150, GMC Sierra, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan, Honda Ridgeline and others.